Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Anthony Rodriguez

Hi there! Today, I am going to cover Anthony, who actually prefers to be called Kooz or Tony. The reason for this is because one of this favorite band members has the name of “Kuza.” Anyways, he is a Second-Year Pysch student here at CSULB. To be honest, this classmate conversation might have been one of the most interest ones I’ve had all semester and I’m glad it was with him! First off, Anthony loves photography and currently has a job at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, where he takes photos of newborn babies. I mean who wouldn’t want that job?! That’s so sweet that he gets to capture their first moments of life! Other than that, he also enjoys to take professional photos at concerts. He told me that she’s shot events such as Coachella, Vans Warped Tour, and even Stagecoach. I think it’s pretty awesome that he’s given the opportunity to travel to other cities to meet many new people, listen to great music, and create friendships with the people he encounters. Another cool thing he likes to do on his free time is get tattoos. Here’s an extremely horrible photo of one of his tattoos. (Blame the Sony Xperia phone haha!)

And I also attempted to take a photo with him but he claimed to be “camera shy.” I fail so much at life. Anyways, I enjoy this tattoo the most because it’s seriously adorable!! He’s gotten seven so far this year, and I think that’s insane. I can’t imagine how much money he’s invested into each piece. His favorite foods are sushi, dunkin donuts, and hot wings. I thought it was pretty funny when he told me that because I wouldn’t eat any of those things. One of my favorite things about him was that he plans to travel to Orlando, Florida next week, after finals are over, in order to visit Walt Disney World. I was extremely jealous when he told me that because I have free admission to that resort since I’m a Disneyland cast member and I haven’t even gone myself yet! Other than that, he was very funny and made a few vegetarian jokes. He was messing around with me since I haven’t eaten meat in about six years. In the end, I enjoyed our conversation and I sure do hope that he has a great vacation! 🙂


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