Wk15 – Artist Conversation – Veronica Karpecki


Artist: Veronica Karpecki

Exhibition: Illustration and Animation BFA Group Exhibition

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-Gallery East

Website: https://veronicakarpecki.carbonmade.com/

Instagram: N/A

For this week, I am going to cover Veronica Karpecki. She is a Animation Student at CSULB and I’m so glad to have closed the year off with her work. What I admire the most about Karpecki is that she actually enjoys the feedback she receives about her artwork, whether it’s good or bad. I believe that constructive criticism has definitely help an artist or person grow. Another thing I love about her is that in her Artist statement, she gave a final thank you to food. She literally said, “Thank you food. I love you food.” I found this extremely humorous because it’s not ideal to find artists giving shout outs to food. I believe that one sentence gives me an idea of how silly and great she is. Nonetheless, I’d like to say that her work is absolutely phenomenal! I absolutely adore all aspects of animation. When I was in high-school, I was extremely jealous of all the students were able to sketch quickly and make the cutest/raddest drawings ever. I believe that animation is the most perfect way to express yourself. What’s better than bringing your own character(s) to life?! Not only are you bringing your work to life on a piece of paper, but then it eventually starts to come to life even more when your characters start to move and have their own personalities. As seen in the photo above, each character has their own style. I like that you can distinctly tell the difference between the mummy and devil mainly because of their outfits and facial expressions. The artist is able to create a character that can have a mad, sad, joyful, or confused expression on their face or just the way they carry themselves! I just love that animation is capable of creating any character you want with limitless boundaries.

Another thing I truly admire about animation artists is that they have to go through a long process in order to get the finishing product. Ideally, the artist has to build their character off mainly from simple shapes such as circles and oval. From personal experience, I believe that animation is practical for most but not all people. If I can attempt to do a single character and succeed, then I’m sure anyone else can! For example, at Disney’s California Adventure, there is actually a place called the Animation Academy where Disney animators teach you how to draw Disney characters. The characters vary from Cheshire Cat to Mickey Mouse to Elsa. I attended the class once and the instructor guided us step by step in order to ensure that our drawings came out to look similar or equivalent to his drawing. What I enjoyed most about the class was that he would literally give us directions such as “Now, draw two circles the size of a quarter.” He made the directions simple enough for toddlers to understand. I feel like animation can pertain to all groups and ages if you put the time, patience, and work into it. Nevertheless, I really enjoy the fact that Karpecki has her own style with her characters. I love the long extremities (arms and legs) and large, beady eyes that all of her characters have. Her work almost reminds me of characters from the Cartoon Network’s “The Power Puffgirls” which I have always loved!

Overall, I wish I had the same talent that Karpecki has. My favorite piece of hers would have to be the one above. I believe that the Winifred has a very “kawaii” style. Her dress is so adorable and she has the scruffiest, shortest hair ever! I also like that Karpecki played around with the different colors of hair she wanted to give Winifred. I also love her big, beady eyes and super thick eyebrows. I think Karpecki did a wonderful job giving this character her own sense of style. She almost reminds me of a school girl in a way, since her outfit almost looks like a uniform. One last thing I love is that Karpecki gave her character a name. I believe by giving your character a name is the final step of defining who they truly are. Imagine if we were nameless?! That would be so weird. Nonetheless, I wish the best for this artist and I hope she has the opportunity to work for a wonderful animation studio in the future. I’m sure that with the skills she currently has, other artists would surely appreciate her work because I sure do appreciate this type of artwork. A friend of mine actually made a short animated film of my boyfriend and I as a Christmas present! The photo below is just a snippet of what was in store. I love the fact that she decorated us to well down to the finest details – such as our eyebrow shapes and hair styles. Like said before, I believe that Animation is one of the best forms of Art and I seriously look forward to keeping up with Karpecki’s work. I cannot wait to see what she has planned for future exhibitions! 20160317_090553.jpg

Although the remaining of the photos are from different artists, I would just like to say that their artwork is so beautiful and so cool! I love the vibrant colors and unique themes all pieces have. The top photo has a relaxing feeling, while the second and third photo have a more adventurous and out-of-boundary theme. Ultimately, I admire the fact that each piece has a different message behind it. I believe it’s more entertaining and interesting to visit an Exhibition that has multiple, diverse pieces rather than one whole theme.

The artwork below was created by Charles Maye.


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