Wk14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

This Art Experience has to be one of the most stressful relaxing, yet frustrating Art Experiences I’ve encountered! I lost my phone Saturday night at a concert I attended so I was incapable of taking photos at the Garden. I also don’t own a camera, so I was basically screwed. So, I went alone to the Garden on Sunday because I went right before work started. I’m just upset I wasn’t able to take any photos, however I was still able to sketch some stuff! So first off, since I am totally incapable of drawing, I found it sort of difficult to draw anything I saw because although I physically have something in front of me to draw, it’s so hard for me to transfer that same image/object onto paper. My hands can’t get the feel of drawing whatsoever, but I still am proud of myself of being able to complete this assignment. I actually put a lot of effort into each sketch and wished we had more assignments like this. Like said before, I visited the Garden Sunday around noon and it was a great place to visit before heading to work. I actually came into work thinking “Wow, I wish it were quieter like the Garden.” I work at Disneyland and today was Dapper Day AND Bats Day, so the park was insanely crowded. I just wish for once, the park would be as peaceful and quiet as the Garden – that would be lovely. Also, I enjoyed this Art Experience a lot because it was an assignment that truly that challenged, but strengthened my weaknesses such as Sketching and Drawing. Assignments like this help me get out of my comfort zone and I’m glad I had this experience because it gave me that inspiration to try sketching more things in the future.
Overall, my experience with the Garden was nostalgic and peaceful. I can’t believe that I’ve been missing out on the Garden for so many years. I think the last time I visited the Garden was when I was in middle school, so it’s been quite some time. It makes me sad to think that something so beautiful is here ON CAMPUS and I’m just not accepting it’s beauty to the fullest. It’s as if I’ taking it for granted and I am honestly am! I wish I could spend my time studying here in peace and quiet, rather than just sitting on the couches next to the Computer Lab. Both places are quiet, but one truly brings you closer to nature. Not to mention, I think if I spent more time in the Garden, this would totally inspire me to try sketching more! I believe with the sounds of nature and peacefulness, I was really inspired to bring out my artistic outer being. I felt at one with nature and it was pretty cool because I don’t really experience that often. Other than that, this Art Experience was great and I’m super glad to have done it. I look forward to spending more time in the Garden next semester or possibly this Summer definitely!
imageAlso…although I was unable to take photos I decided to post some neat photos I found of the Garden online that represent Abstract & Representational photos of the Garden.

I found this photo be super abstract actually, because although it looks SO REAL, to me it sort of looks like a fantasy! It just seems so good to be true. I believe it’s because of the texture of the photo. I could honestly imagine finding this exact same scenery in a video game to be honest. IMG_4296.jpg

Here are the other two Abstract photos:


I know it’s traditional to find a crane origamis in Japanese culture, however in the big picture of a very green, lively Garden – I just feel like it’s so abstract because it’s so colorful and ectopic. It’s almost random in a sense but I feel like it also adds to the beauty of the Garden.

Then, we have this last photo:


The reason why I feel this photo is abstract is because it’s insane to believe that these fish are so isolated from the rest of the fish world. Think about, there are probably MILLIONS, even BILLIONS of fish that live in the ocean – however, these school/group of fish are just stuck here in CSULB. It’s just so strange to think that they’re so happy here, even though it’s just them. I wonder if they think there’s a life outside of the Garden or if they’re just happy being here on their own.

Now, here are three representational photos of the Garden that I find extremely beautiful! They have so much life in each photo and I wish we could have more things like this in life. I grew up in the city, so I come across beautiful scenery every so often, but I just wish there were more ponds and parks that are taken care as well as this specific Garden.





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