Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Jessica Hernandez


Hi guys! This is Jessica Hernandez and she has to be one of the sweetest girls I’ve met so far this semester! She is 3rd-year student who believes that CSULB is the greatest school ever. She actually transferred from LBCC last Fall and seeks to complete her degree here at CSULB. She is currently focusing her studies on Criminal Justice and plans to work for TSA in the future or either become a Border Patrol Officer. Other than that, she grew up in Long Beach, CA and has two siblings, one brother who is younger than her and a sister who is older than her. She also has a dog named Nummie and hopes to own a bunny in the future. She likes listening to Banda and enjoys making oil canvas paintings on her free time. Her favorite thing to eat has to be sushi and her favorite thing to drink is Coca-Cola! She told me that she drinks so much Coke that she’s sure if she goes to the doctor and gets her blood drawn out – that Coke will be drawn instead! She also loves the Dodgers and absolutely hates the Lakers! She even said that Kobe Bryant sucks a lot. Now, one cool thing about Jessica is that she is actually traveling to Cancun in June with her parents, uncle, and two of her cousins. She is taking this vacation trip as a birthday present to herself and looks forward to it very much! However, one day she plans to go to Italy. She also has two tattoos, one of her wrist that has her horoscope sign, Gemini, and one on her back that has her mom’s name. She’s even planning on getting a tattoo of the character Stitch from Lilo & Stitch on her thigh in about two months. Stitch happens to be her absolute favorite Disney character! Now, her favorite animals are turtles, penguins, and bunnies. But, she really doesn’t like iguanas or cats. In fact, she’s even allergic to cats. Overall, Jessica was really nice to talk to and even described herself as “kind, joyful, and hardworking.” I totally agree with her and hopes all goes well for in life! 🙂


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