Wk12 – Art Experience – Game Design

First and foremost, here are the coordinates for the geocache I placed:
Now for today, I’m going to tell you all about my first experience finding and placing geocaches! First off, let’s talk about my experience finding the geocache. I chose to find this geocache, because it’s a park I go to often. It never really crossed my mind that geocaches can be placed in such public places, since there are many people who come and go…which leads me to my next topic! I think someone stole the geocache I was looking for, because I couldn’t find it.
I thought it was only me, but then the last person who looked for the same geocache also noted on the “Geocaching” app that they “DFN” – which means “didn’t find nothing.” That note was posted in February of 2016, so I think that someone might have taken it OR probably the last person who searched for it and myself are just horrible at finding things. I didn’t come alone for this adventure; I actually brought my boyfriend and even with the both of our phones, we couldn’t find anything. But, then at one point; it said I was literally three feet away and I looked around and around and nothing was to be found. We searched for about 20 minutes, but then after losing hope, we decided to give up. However, I really did enjoy my time searching for it and I’m sure whoever hid it is a sneaky snake! In addition, I really enjoyed my time at the park and actually decided to place my geocache very close-by. I also forgot to add that although I didn’t get to find the geocache, I was still able to take a nice photo of the area where my geocache was hiding, haha!
Now, I’m going to tell you about my experience placing my geocache! I was inspired by the location of the geocache I was looking for, that I decided to place my geocache in the same park. Certainly since the park is going through drastic changes all of the time – such as the grass growing high, leaves falling, or flowers blooming; I knew that the park was a perfect place to hide my geocache; especially since it’s not directly in a walkway, sidewalk, or in the open grass field. My little box can stay in the same place, but the surroundings can change as time moves along! I decided to not use an Altoids tin because I was too lazy and broke to go to the store and buy one. Instead, I used an old Pandora ring box from Disneyland.
Inside, I put a tiny piece of paper, a bracelet, and a few animal beads. I believe the items inside truly portray who I am and I hope whoever finds my geocache can take a small part of me with them. Overall, I found it pretty cool to hide my geocache, because if intentional or not; someone WILL find my little box and be like “Oh hey! I found this…check it out.” If I were that person finding my geocache, I would totally feel like a boss and adventurer after finding it. I would feel completed and determined to find other geocaches!
Nevertheless, I know the most perfect place that discloses many hidden secrets but the general public doesn’t know a lot about…Disneyland! I began working at Disneyland about two years ago and knew a fair amount about the history of the park, but as the months by; I’ve heard many stories and secrets from cast members who have been there for 15+ years, managers, and the 3rd-shift crew. However, one well-known “secret” is the fact that it’s false that no one has ever died AT the park. Many people believe that no one has ever died on property because they’ve all been escorted off property to nearby hospitals – however, I think that’s a total lie! There have been cases where cast members, including myself, have seen and heard ghosts while working! One of the frequent spots I often hear this one ghost is in the downstairs stockroom of the Candy Palace shop on Main Street. There are five aisles in the stockroom – four for the cast members who are assigned to replenish the floor and the last aisle for the Candy Makers who make the caramel dipped apples and peanut brittle. THE LAST AISLE IS HAUNTED, I SWEAR. There are ALWAYS things knocking over, the lights will turn off in the stockroom, and if someone is playing music downstairs – it will turn on and off! There’s been reported cases of the door shutting on its own or cast members hearing a little girl’s voice. We just tend to warn any new cast members of this mysterious spirit downstairs. But, yeah…why would there be something down there if no one has ever apparently died at the park??? Hmm, maybe because of the park that the Walt Disney Company has so much money to keep things hush hush. Who knows!

As a final note, I do believe that we can “map” feelings and emotions onto the geography of a place. Let’s say that instead of hiding a little box full of buttons and nonsense items, you hide a little box full of love notes or suicide notes. It could be anything, but in the end, you’re leaving a small part of yourself  and ultimately exposing yourself to anyone who comes across your box. I think a great way that people “map” feelings and emotions onto the geography of a place is by doing graffiti! I know it isn’t close to a little box of goodies to find and trade, but there’s still a part of someone being left behind so someone can find it and appreciate it. If I were to draw some type of graffiti, I would not mind if other people added onto my artwork. I would only be upset if they totally trashed my work. The same goes for the geocache! I would not mind placing more, but if people started taking them and keeping them for themselves, I would be pretty upset. I would want my geocache to remain in the same place, so new adventurers can get the same thrill for finding my little spot. In the end, I enjoyed this experience more than I thought and I’m totally going to try to find other geocaches locally. 🙂


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