Wk10 – Classmate Conversation – Destiny Zuniga

This week, I was able to get to know Destiny a little more. First off, Destiny is a Third-Year Undeclared Student, however she’s declaring as an HCA Student this upcoming Fall 2016. She is 21 years old and her birthday is actually coming up very soon since it falls on April 9th. She feels like she’s a good role model for her 3 siblings, especially since she’s the oldest. Although she lives in El Monte, she commutes to campus almost every single day. Even though she is usually busy working as a manger for Little Ceasar’s Pizza, she is still doing very well in school. However, she really feels like her Human Biology course is the hardest class she’s taking this semester. But, on her free time, she enjoys going to Disneyland, attending music festivals, spending time with her bestfriend, meeting new people, and trying out new places to eat. One of her favorite restaurants is Boiling Crab – she thinks that they have delicious food at a great place!  Now, if she were to describe herself in a few words, she believes that she’s “independent, determined, silly, and liable.” One cool fact about Destiny is that she really wants a pet bunny and is against animal cruelty. Like most college students, she has many goals. She wishes to graduate CSULB soon, be “bomb,” and set a great example for her younger siblings. And since Spring Break is just around the corner, Destiny is planning to “make that bank” (work a lot) and catch up on her school work. She looks forward to her Summer vacation as well, especially since she’ll be going to Las Vegas in Mid-June with her closest friends. She’s attending an Electronic Dance Event called EDC Las Vegas. It’s funny because I’m attending the same event and we even planned on meeting up one day hopefully! We even exchanged Instagrams today. Overall, I would have to say Destiny is super laid-back, kind, and funny. I enjoyed talking to her because she seemed like an easy, open person to talk to.


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