Wk10 – Art Experience – Instagram

While I was going through the #Art110s16 hashtag, I felt like I was on someone else’s Instagram account because my feed is typically full of people attending music festivals, raves, Disneyland, or sports. I felt like our hashtag had plenty of scenery photos, photos of CSULB (including the student life), and foodporn. But, I honestly don’t see many connections between my classmates and I. First off, I didn’t see one photo of anyone working or getting ready to work! I’m assuming they either don’t have a job or probably didn’t have work on Thursday. but I was expecting some #workflow photos. And I was also surprised by another thing which was people taking photos of traffic. I found that super not cool because it’s illegal ad super dangerous for those around you! I know it sounds super cheesy like these “No Texting& Driving” commercials, but you seriously can just wait to post a photo on Instagram when you’re safely parked and out of everyone’s way. I was also expecting some cool kicking off for Spring Break photos, but didn’t really come across many. Overall, I don’t think our class is a community. Many of us come from different backgrounds and have completely different schedules and lifestyles. Our class effort is also very different, because you can also tell how some students actually attempted to take a nice photo and make it “Instaworthy,” – by adding a super nice filter and taking a great picture with the perfect lighting and angle. However, there were other students whose photos looked more like snapchats – just instant and clear that there’s no going back. Overall, I think we all live pretty disconnect lives, at least on my behalf. For instance, when I talk to a new student every week for Classmate Conversation, I think it’s insane how differently our lives are. For example, I may say “Oh hey, I work at Disneyland and enjoy going out with my boyfriend to see live DJs every week.” And the other student will be like, “I don’t have a job, because my parents still give me an allowance and I don’t go out much because of school.” I mean, I guess I could say this class does bring us together for about an hour or so – but as a community, I don’t think so.

Anyways, the 4 most recent photos on my Instagram are the photos I posted for this assignment.
And here are some photos I really liked about. Hope you like them too!





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