Juju Bee

Hi there, nice to meet you! My full name is Juju Bee, but you can call me Jay if you want to. I was born and raised in the United States, but when I was 12 years old – that is when I began to study abroad around the world. I fell in love with many countries, cultures, and people; however I wanted to take my traveling to the next level. At age 18, I didn’t have the dream or mindset of even going to college. I was determined to travel to Moonbase Alpha. I asked many of my friends what I should do to even be considered to go there. Everyone had some pretty basic ideas like “Oh, go do healthcare there!” or “Juju, you should be an astronaut.” I had no interest in math, science, or anything book-related in all honesty – but I was a complete computer geek AND I loved animals. I had to find a way to combine my two passions together, and then bing! I had it.

At age 22, I was the first girl on Moonbase Alpha to have her own successful virtual petshop. My store’s name goes by “Pawsitive Pets.”Around age 19, I was told down on Earth that a lot of people on Moonbase Alpha were feeling really lonely. That news brought a lot of sorrow and made me think that I, Juju Bee, was capable of making a difference even if I was a nobody. So, I decided to create life-size holographic pets that would offer their owners their full, devoted attention: but to the next level! Ever dreamt of having a cute baby panda as a pet, one that wouldn’t poop or pee around the house?! One that would love you forever!? ONE THAT COULD TALK?! I’m able to customize your animal of choice down to the smallest, finest details. Your pet won’t be like those dumb Tamagotchis that would die if you didn’t feed them within an hour. So, when NASA heard my idea, they decided that they wanted their residents to be happier and thought my idea wasn’t complete crap. Therefore, they are the reason why I am living the best life ever on Moonbase Alpha. My petshop is running successful and many animal lovers here are happier than ever. Imagine being over 200,000 miles away from your loved ones, your pets, and everything you had. Things here do get rough sometimes, with it has been proven that those who own real or holographic pets are proven to have lessen anxiety, lower blood pressure, and even a better immune system. Pets are great! Now, people are now able to come to Moonbase Alpha, without having to worry about leaving all of their loved ones behind. 

Besides that, I live a pretty normal life here. You know? I go to work, I eat, I sleep, I poop. Same stuff down on Earth. But the cool thing on Moonbase Alpha is that I’m currently living in a HOVER mansion with my fiance, Josh. Imagine your house floating?!?! It’s the greatest thing. I don’t even have to walk up and down the stairs. I literally float around everywhere, but it feels like I’m flying. Anyways, Josh and I getting married on Moonbase Alpha, where we met. However, we’re heading back down to Earth for our honeymoon. I was thinking about going to the Bahamas or even Hawaii. Who knows! Anyways, I would have to describe myself as kind, smart, and even a little dorky. I like to spend a lot of my time baking sweet treats and traveling to different planets. 2046 is the best time to live, let me tell you. A few years ago, NASA finally traveled to all 8 planets. So, now regular humans, like you and I, are able to travel to other places I’ve been to all planets, except Saturn and Venus. I’m trying to gather some money for my next trip. Anyways, here’s a few of favorite’s and complete no no’s of life. First off, I love my kitten, taking pictures, long walks across the moon, listening to my favorite jams, and baking. I also really baby animals because they’re all so cute! Things I don’t like are crying babies, lazy people, bad pilots, and people with bad breath. Sorry if I bored you, but I hope you have a great day and come stop by my petshop too! 


If you ever do come to Moonbase Alpha, make sure to stay out Mr. Darhk’s way. I mean, isn’t his name a warning by itself? Get to know more about him here: https://davidbensite.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/mr-darhk/

And shoutout to my girl Lia. I met this super sweet girl her here on Moonbase Alpha, because’s she’s on a hunt for abducted sister who I’m helping her look for! Get to know more about her here: https://peanutkat001.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/lia/

And kudos to my boy “Lazy Tim” for creating the coolest Hover Couch ever! It’s a great addition to my mansion. On my days off from working, I love to chill in this all day. If you want to know more about his life and stuff, go here: https://oscolorblind.wordpress.com/2016/03/15/lazy-tim/

And last but not least, you have to meet Eugene! He has one of the coolest beards ever, you wouldn’t want to miss it. I swear, he could be in beard competitions if he really tried. Hahah, if you’d like to know more about him, go here then: https://katherineshinno.wordpress.com/2016/03/17/eugene-fitzherbert/


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