Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

Luckily enough, my mom is the artistic one in the family and had some drawing paper lying around, so I asked her if could borrow a page for this Art Experience and she said sure. So, kudos to her for saving me a ride to Michael’s and money as well! The paper I used for this Art Experience is Scrathmore’s premium recycled drawing paper. This bright white paper is ideal for all dry media and is suitable for pen and ink. The size of the sheet I used is 12″ x 24.5″, so it very long horizontally. I like this specific type of paper, because it gave myself and my mom much space to draw. But strangely enough, we didn’t even use the entire page. We used only about half of the page. I think that this experience was fun, because it gave my mom and I something new to try. Obviously we have two different minds, so it was cool to see the outcome of our drawing. At times, I felt like my mom was putting pressure onto the pencil and I was just thinking to myself, “Oh my god, I bet she’s picturing something to draw and going for it.” However, I was more into the free flow of wherever my hand wanted to go. But, about one or two times I had the urge to stop the pencil because I felt like what I was making was just a complete mess. However, that didn’t matter to me and when I felt like I was done, I opened my eyes, looked at it, and just began to laugh. I was laughing because of silly the drawing come out, but I liked the idea that my mom and I made something together. I don’t even plan on throwing the paper away, because it’s just a memory for us two to remember now! Lastly, this Art Experience made me realize that I really need my vision to function. With my eyes closed, I had no visual point of reference to follow since I couldn’t see anything. That’s why the drawing is disproportionate and full of squiggly lines. But, I’m really more appreciative of my eyes now because they do guide me the right way!

Now, I have to say the moment I opened my eyes and looked at my drawing, I quite mortified with the results. This doesn’t mean that I was disappointed or upset with the results of my drawing, but I just couldn’t believe how poorly drawn it was! I really felt the flow of what my mom and I was going well, hahaha! My drawing literally turned out to look like something that my boyfriend’s nieces would draw out of boredom. However, the results of my drawing didn’t disappoint me to the fullest but actually made me realize that although I made something that was not ideal or even what I was expecting, that it’s still a form of Art that expressed who my mom and I are! The results of this drawing made me realize that Art doesn’t ideally have to depict perfection or uniformity. Art should be an easy way for one wanting to express themselves honestly with no limitations, boundaries, or restrictions. I believe that that results of my drawing gave me a little inspiration to try new Art Experiences, but with my eyes closed. Imagine, if we were assigned all of our past Art Experiences, but we must do it with our eyes closed. I’m sure that our results would have been completely different because without our vision, we’re not given that advantage to fix the mistakes we make. Nonetheless, I think this Art Experience was pretty rad and I’m definitely going to recommend it to some of friends. I’m sure they’ll have loads of fun trying new things out.



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