Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Patrick Dong

IMG_2404Today, I was able to get to know Patrick Dong a little more. First off, Patrick is a 4th-year Math Major student. What he plans do with with his Math Major after he graduates is either become a math teacher for 6th to 12th Grade students or become a school counselor. I like what he has in plan for the future because both careers are beneficial for our youth. And guess what else?! He is only twenty-two years ago and is actually turning twenty-three at the end of August. Something really unique about him is that he was born and raised in Vietnam, until he moved to the United States about ten years ago. I asked him what would he do if he won the lottery and he said that he would initially buy a house for his entire family! I would do the same because my family, including my parents, uncle, and siblings, have provided so much growing up. In addition, his favorite band at the moment is “ONE OK ROCK.” They are a bilingual Japanese rock band who sings their songs in Japanese and English as well. Not to mention, Patrick’s two favorite animals are pandas and tigers. And surprisingly enough, his favorite theme park is not Disneyland like many people say! He actually has no favorite amusement park in mind. However, his favorite type of food to eat would have to be KBBQ. I would have to agree because the side dishes are absolutely delicious! In addition, the most favorite place he’s visited is Las Vegas. I would have to agree with him on that one because Vegas is super eventful and fun. Now, one weird fact about Patrick is that it is very difficult for him to concentrate when he’s studying without being on Facebook. He needs the Facebook tab to be open on his laptop in order for him to concentrate well. Besides that, his ultimate pet-peeve is when people are standing super close to him, but speaking at a loud volume (almost yelling.) He also mentioned that if he were to get any tattoo in the world then he would get a tattoo that’s influenced from the Japanese manga series “One Piece.” Anyways, things got a little interesting when I asked him who would he meet if he had the chance to meet any celebrity, deceased loved one, or anyone in mind. He said he would want to meet Kanye West because he wants to beat him up! I thought that was pretty funny because a lot of people have strong opinions about Kanye in general. We finished out conversation by simply asking each other what we’re going to do this Spring Break. Patrick said that he is going to sleep and study a lot! That sounds like the perfect Spring Break because you’ll be caught up with your school work without any sort of procrastination, while still getting ton of rest. To wrap things up, I’d just like to say that Patrick is “nerdy, academically independent, and social.” In fact, those words came out of his mouth as three ways to describe himself. But in all honestly, he was a joy to talk to and if you’d like to view his page then here is the link: https://yonkopat.wordpress.com 🙂


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