Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity 


 What I tried to do for this Art Experience was make a recap video of what my boyfriend and I typically enjoy to do every Thursday night. We love attending many events, shows, festivals, and raves: so we found The Yost Theatre in Santa Ana an easy place to call our home away from home. We’ve made some pretty awesome friends and many memories from this one venue! For this video, I wanted to show a little bit of rave culture, so that’s why I included the glover in the middle of the video. Glovers use LED gloves to express themselves. I’ve been told by many glovers that they choose to glove because it’s their own way to feel the music through their finger and hand movements. Overall, I wanted to make a video what I truly love to do. 

Now, regarding how the process went, it wasn’t too bad. At first, I was focused on shooting the perfect shot, but then I realized that I would rather have my video be a little more realistic and uncut. I also had trouble thinking about what I wanted to shoot because I didn’t have a specific video idea in mind. One issue I found with process of making this video is that I didn’t want to record too much during the show. I don’t like to record entire songs or take photos often, because I feel like I’m being drawn away from the real moment. I’ll take a video for about 15-45 seconds but that’s about it. Other than that, the process went daily smooth! I edited the video with this iPhone app called “VidClips.” I als used “Overvideo.” They were both really helpful! You can actually add your own music to the video or lower the volume of the background sound in your videos. What I ended up doing was muting all the background sounds from my videos and adding one of the pre made songs from the app. I really like the background song I chose because I think it’s super cute and catchy. Sometimes when I watch videos on YouTube, I find the background music distracting; but I think the song I chose is great! With the second app, o was able to add caption to certain parts of the video. Although, the captions were silly, I believe they made my video a little more understandable. 

Overall, I’m very pleased with my video. I wish I could’ve made the video longer but the app I was using to edit the video only allowed 9 clips to fit in the video. I would’ve included a video of my boyfriend and I dancing or us going to eat from a random FoodTruck after the event. But, I do like how short and to the point my video is. I didn’t want to make a video that would completely keep my viewer bored. 

Next time, I plan on using another editing app so I can make a longer video. I also want to find a way to silence certain parts of the video so I can only play the music in the scenes where the DJ is playing. I don’t want there to be background noise in the certain parts of the video that are just simply annoying. Besides that, I would also like to record more of myself. I didn’t say one word to the camera in this video at all. However, this video was super fun and awesome to shoot. This honestly inspire me make weekly videos of my show experiences! I can’t wait to see what future has in hand. 


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