Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Jennifer Garcia 


 Today I was able to interview Jennifer Garcia! First off, one cool thing that Jennifer and I have in common are our last names. She is currently a Second Year Health Science student who dorms here on campus. Her hometown is La Puente and she loves soccer. She actually had a game that Thursday night and I know she probably won. She also loves running and going to the gym! In addition, her favorite type of food are sopes. If you don’t know what sopes are, well they are a traditional Mexican dish that’s typically made of a thick tortilla/tostada with beans, meat, quasi fresco, lettuce, and tomatoes: it’s super yummy to eat. On the other hand, her favorite movies are 22 Jump Street and A Walk to Remember. And you wouldn’t guess who her favorite actor is…Johnny Depp! He is one of my favorite actors as well. She also loves the TV show – The Flash. I enjoy watching that show too because it’s super suspenseful and there’s always something to look forward to. Now as for music, her favorite genre to listen to is Banda and her favorite music artist is Remmy Valenzuela. Another comparison between the both of us is that we both have dogs! However, Jennifer has a Labrador Retriever whose name is Grif. What a cute name! But, my dog’s name is Milez and he’s a Pug. And lastly, if Jennifer were to travel anywhere in the world, she would visit Barcelona, Spain. Overall, I believe that Jennifer is a genuine girl and if you’d like to know more about her, then you can visit her page at: https://yennii714.wordpress.com 🙂  


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