Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Clockwise from Entrance

Media: Woven cotton yarn, trash bags, and metallic yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: http://ifckr.com/fiberartsclub

Instagram: @fiberartsclub

F* ART? You may be thinking that I’m saying “Fuck Art,” however that’s incorrect. F*ART is known for challenging ideas of contemporary fiber and textile art practices. This showcase was actually supported and brought together from several artists from the BFA and MFA Fiber Program at CSULB. If you didn’t know, BFA stands for Bachelor of Fine Arts, while MFA stands for Master of Fine Arts. Anyways, the vast majority of their pieces are made simply by reimagining the process and materiality of fiber. These artists simply enjoy to take different approaches to object making. Instead of using paint, pencil, mold, or spray paint to create their art work; they use a variety of fibers to create their pieces. Ultimately, these few Fiber Art pieces presented in this showcase is just a glimpse of what CSULB’s Fiber Art Department has to offer. Now, the main reason why I absolutely enjoyed this showcase is because my mother loves to knit and sew, thus when I saw that the theme of the showcase being Fiber Art, I was ecstatic to see what was in store for me. I’d like to mention that all of the pieces are extremely unique and thought out very well.
Other than that, I would have to say that my favorite piece was “Wasteful Growth” by Alicia Keyworth. What caught my eye the most about this piece was how it was put together. I like how the trash bags were tightly woven together. I believe that if I was given the opportunity to make an exact replica of her artwork, then I would fail miserably. I feel like I would’ve ripped the bags so easily. I also like this piece alot because she found another use for the trash bags. It’s nice to give things a twist because we’re not all made for just one purpose. These trash bags were used as materials for an art piece, while typically trash bags are used for trash, storage, or as bags.Therefore, that’s why I liked how she saw the beauty of the bags and decided to give it a different purpose. In all honesty, when I looked at this art piece up close; it didn’t even look like trash bags. I would’ve mistaken it with another material.
Now, another piece I’d like to focus on is the “Pearl necklace” by Michelle Flores. I really loved how the necklace was absolutely huge! It gave me an opportunity to see what it’s made out of and all the fine detail put into it. In fact, about two or three weeks ago, there was a showcase with many pieces of jewelry such as rings and necklaces and it was difficult for me to really take a close look at them. I felt like everyone was just huddled around the jewelry, attempting to observe the small details. But, the main issue was that we weren’t able to pick it up and actually look at the piece because we’re unable to touch most of the artwork. Therefore, that is why I find the Pearl necklace a great art piece! It’s big enough for anyone to actually look at and it’s made really well! I feel like if I were to make pearls out of gold leaf knitted rope, they would come out as blobs. However, each and every one of Michelle’s pearls were fairly symmetrical.
One last thing I’d like to discuss is the simplicity of all of the art pieces. I liked how they were not hard to understand or too confusing to process. I believe that they were very straight forward and thought out well. There have been times where I enter other Galleries and I sort of just stare at the pieces and I’m honestly not engaged into the artist’s work because they’re so plain or taboo even. But, I really did enjoy the theme of Fiber Art. I believe that the showcase room had a lot to offer because the pieces represented Fiber Art in many different forms. For instance, there were pieces hanging on the wall and even seats you could sit in. I think that Fiber Art is beautiful because each artist who creates it has their own way of expressing it. If I were an artist that focused on Fiber Art, I would make very bright and colorful pieces that I would allow anyone to touch. I would want everyone to be given the opportunity to feel and observe my art pieces up close without having to worry about ruining them. In the end, I really enjoyed this showcase because I believe that Fiber Art is very lively, colorful, and unique.


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