Wk6 – Art Experience – Photowalk


This past Thursday, I was able to experience the beauty, diversity, and awesomness of CSULB with my fellow classmates. I enjoyed the walk because it made me realize and appreciate the fact that our campus has a outstanding number of students who come from different backgrounds. Unlike other college campuses, CSULB has a spot for everyone – even if you’re white, colored, bisexual, gay, slim, thick…etc. We’ve got a spot for everyone. I don’t remember exactly where I saw the young elementary/middle school students who were on a campus tour, however I believe it was by the FoodCourt area of the USU. Anyways, it brought joy to my heart to see kids that young interested in wanting to come to CSULB in the future. I remember in the fourth grade, I told my teacher that I wanted to attend CSULB because I wanted to be an orthodontist. Now, look at me today! I don’t strive to be an Orthodontist anymore, but I’m still a HCA-major with goals of being an EMT. Nevertheless, I also liked that we got to take a break from the Art Galleries because it gave me the opportunity to view CSULB, but with another perspective. Honestly, most of the time when I’m walking from class to class, I’m just thinking “Damn, I’ve only got 5-6 minutes to make it on time.” I’m usually consumed in listening to my music and just starting at students who pass by me, but not really observing or appreciating the beauty our campus has to offer. So, I’m extremely glad we got to take this walk because it made me realize that CSULB has a lot more to offer rather than college course. One last thing I love about CSULB is that it’s super clean! I rarely find trash on the ground or in the bushes because there are many students who are respectful and clean up after themselves.


Now, while talking my photographs, I was looking for things that were mostly colorful, out of the ordinary, or simply caught my attention. First off, I didn’t want to take photos of students because I felt like maybe they would have felt uncomfortable of me taking photographs of them without their consent. Also, my camera probably wouldn’t have captured all of the moving photos anyways because the shutter moves so slow! But overall, I was looking for simple and uniform things that would’ve caught my eye. For example, I loved how the dream catchers were all hanging together in a line. One thing I liked about that particular photograph is that at towards the left-hand side of it, there’s a blur. Therefore, it’s almost like the photograph is mostly concentrated on the right-hand side. I believe that the primary focus of the photograph speaks more than any other part of the photo, because it is the center of attention. I also liked how the Powerade bottles were aligned together in the vending machines by color. I appreciate uniformity because it makes my life less stressful and things simpler to figure out. One last thing I wanted my photographs to include were different angles. For example, I wanted to capture my photographs from side angles or from above the object. I wanted to present my photographs from different angles, because I feel like if you view something from a different angle; you are able to interpret it in another way.


Lastly, I would like to say that my guide, Crysta Tim, was hella cool! She was literally on-the-go, which I appreciated a lot because I didn’t want to be standing in one place for such a long time. I also adored the places she decided to walk through, because they are places where CSULB students can mostly be found from outside of their classrooms. I think what would have made the walk a little better, is if I would’ve brought another type of filming equipment, because my own camera phone really sucks. I would have also liked to have stayed in the Bowling area of the USU a little longer. I wanted to take some close photos of the bowling pins or actually get on the lanes: but obviously I couldn’t have done that! Other than that, I really enjoyed the walk, the fresh air, and the time I got to spend with my classmates. 🙂



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