Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Marlon Fernandes


Hello everyone! For this week, I was able to interview Marlon Fernandes. First off, Marlon is a First Generation U.S. Graduate in his family. He currently works as a personal banker at U.S. Bank. He actually lived in Kuwait for 16 years, but moved to the United States 8 years ago to pursue his college dream. He is currently taking Masters courses for Emergency Management and is looking forward to move up scale in Law Enforcement. One really exciting thing that’s planned for him soon is his  graduation! He’s walking this May and is actually going to visit Thailand after he graduates. He is also taking a cruise to the Bahamas. I told him to visit the Pig Island in the Bahamas because there’s literally dozens of pigs swimming and playing in the water. Nevertheless, his favorite animal is a Conure. Marlon told me that this bird is relatively small to medium sized and is part of the parrot family. Marlon owns one himself and his name is Peachie! What an adorable name. Now, one little weird thing about Marlon is that he likes to eat dried Corn Flakes with lemon juice on the side. Other than that, his ultimate pet peeve is when people don’t put things back where they belong and I totally agree with him. In general, Marlon is very friendly, approachable, and a fun guy to talk to. I look forward to this semester with him!

If you would like to follow his page, here is the link: https://mbferns.wordpress.com/ 😀


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