Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kristi Jensen


Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Fuse: Join To Format: Single Entity

Media: Copper, Enamel, Steel, Sterling Silver

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: N/A

Instagram: @whipperton

This week I was given the opportunity to view some fine art and speak to the talented artist who created it. The artist whose work caught my attention the most belonged to Kristi Jensen. Kristi Jensen is currently an Undergraduate student at CSULB, who is not too far away from completing her Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. In fact, she is moving onto to better things soon since she is actually graduating this upcoming Fall of 2016. As stated on her Instagram and mentioned in person as well, she enjoys metalsmithing and fiber art. Another hobby she enjoys to do on her free time is knitting. If you’d like to see some of the stuff she’s knitted recently, you can find it on her Instagram. I found two pairs of socks she made a while back – they were so cute and knitted extremely well.

Other than that, what I found interesting about Kristi’s artwork is the variety of materials she uses in order to create her pieces. For instance, she often uses Copper, Enamel, Gold Leaf, Steel, and Sterling Silver in her pieces. I admire artists that use different materials to create what have in mind, because it portrays that they are considerate of experimenting a wider spectrum of styles and finding different ways to create their artwork. Nevertheless, as seen in the photo above, I believe that Kristi’s piece mirrors the shape of a hallow onion or a hallow vase. In fact, that specific piece is made from blacksmithing. What she did was transform a flat steel sheet into a “hallow vessel.” She also made that piece about almost a year ago, so I’m glad she finally had the opportunity to showcase here for all of us at the Galleries. Another piece I would like to focus on is the necklace.


I admired that this specific piece is wearable and made with Enamel and Sterling Silver. I also loved that the mannequin’s skin color was completely white because it made the colors within the necklace stand out a lot more than usual. In fact, the colors within the necklace reminded me of a mood-changing ring, since the colors appear to be infused together. The sea-green, teal, royal blue, and purple all complemented each other very well too. I also like how the necklace itself is not made from one string or chain, but rather several strands of Sterling Silver.  It gives the necklace a little pizazz and personality to it.

Now, my favorite part about this Artist Conversation was figuring out what inspired Kristi to create these beautiful pieces. Kristi’s inspiration came solemnly from her grandfather. Her grandfather was an expert at fixing televisions and Kristi found that very intriguing! She found a great interest in creating art because she knew she was capable of doing it. I can relate to Kristi myself because my own grandfather was the reason why I pursued to have my hobby of playing the violin for 12+ years. I’m glad that Kristi was able to have someone in her life to encourage and inspire her to make fine art. She always loves getting new ideas from Instagram! Kristi is on Instagram herself, with her username being @whipperrton, just in case anyone wants inspiration from her in order to create some fine art for themselves.

Other than that, I truly found all of her pieces and background story interesting and enlightening. In fact, her artwork made realize that art doesn’t always have to be portrayed in one same style. Kristi proved that art can come in many different shapes and sizes and can also be made for many different purposes. For instance, I would personally use the hallow vessel as a vase in my house or the necklace for a date night out because they are both absolutely stunning pieces! I also like how modern the pieces are too. They do not seem outdated to me at all. Overall, I enjoyed her work because of the simplicity of her pieces.


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