Wk5 – Art Experience – Cuisine, Couture or Coiffure

Words can’t explain how much I failed attempting this week’s Art Experience! But, I still enjoyed every second while of it. First off, I wanted to create something I love – which are kitties! I absolutely adore their furriness and cuteness. So, I made an edible cat.       You may be thinking, “Wow, that looks absolutely disgusting.” But, the outcome wasn’t too bad. My cat’s name is Pai and her head is made of untoasted white bread. She obviously needed some fur, so I decided to melt some shredded cheese onto her face.   For her eyes, my boyfriend decided to put small pieces of ham (even though I don’t eat meat myself) and ketchup pupils to top it off. Now for her little whiskers, I used six tiny strands of cheddar cheese. I knew I needed something with a little pizazz to top it off so I added twice small slices of pickles on her face, right where her whiskers come out from. Finally, for her tongue and nose, I used two dollops of ketchup. I’m a fan of condiments, so I’ve decided to finish my plate off with some soucream on the side. 

Here is a photo of my finished piece!  I used the dollops of sour cream to make little paws too. Also check out my cat hat. 😎 

  In all honesty, I did learn a lot about the Art of Cuisine. I learned that food art is honestly not as easy as it seems. I went through many pages online looking for inspiration and to many of the things, I was like “Yes, I’m capable of recreating that!” or giving it a twist. However, it was so difficult for me to do simple things like make the eyes and squeeze the dollops of ketchup and sour cream without making it look extremely sloppy. I just strived for perfection and it didn’t turn out what I imagined. I was going for a “Pinterest” look as my outcome. Something new I plan to do when I do make Pai again is to toast the bread. When I was cutting the bread to form her ears, I found it a little hard to try not to tear other pieces of the bread. I know it would’ve been easier if the bread was harder. Another thing I would look to change are the eyes. I would like to replace them something I can eat, such as small sliced pieces of boiled egg. I would also like to change the color of the eyes, just because they’re hella creepy. I would like to give the cat a more natural eye color such as Brown, Green, or Hazel. I could use relish or peanut butter to fill in the pupils. But, besides those minor changes, I think my cat is just perfect the way she is! 

In the end, I really did enjoy this Art Experince because I ended up creating something I can actually make again for the fun of it, but this time for my mom or boyfriend! I’m sure they’ll appreciate my hard work even though it won’t seem too appetizing to them. But, I mean at least it’s not poisonous! The cheese, bread, ham, and sour cream go well together. Overall, I found this Art Experience enlightening because it made me realize that I’m fully capable of making something awesome that many artists actually do for a living! I truly look forward to creating Cuisine Art with other yummy foods in the future. I want to try something with fruits, such as watermelon or pineapple, and vegetables because that’s what most of my diet consists of. 🙂 


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