Wk3 – Classmate Conversation – Oscar Alvarez

Last Thursday I was able to make a new friend and his name is Oscar! The first thing Oscar insisted I’d tell you all is that he is color-blind (which is fairly common with many guys.) However, on the bright side, he’s still able to see his favorite color which is burgundy. He is also a 2nd-year Psych student who enjoys making music on his laptop. I found that pretty cool because he is able to express himself and make music, with other tools that aren’t your typical instruments. His two favorite types of music to make are hip-hop and “EDC music.” If you didn’t know, EDC is known as Electric Daisy Carnival, which is an event/rave that solemnly plays Electronic Dance Music (EDM.) Anyways, when he mentioned he makes “EDC music,” he’s actually talking about electronic dance music, but just wanted to make a joke out of it. That’s another thing: he’s pretty funny and always tries to make the best out of everything. Now as for food preferences, he likes to eat Mexican food, especially “tacos del lengua” which are tacos made of shredded tongue meat. Other than that, one of his biggest pet peeves are “shitty drivers.” I totally agree with him on that one, because people tend to drive very irresponsibly. And last but not least, he works for Ellen…yes, Ellen DeGeneres! He is basically one of her movers. His job is to move her belongings into and out of her properties as she orders. A crazy story is that the first time he worked with her, he was actually late to the job. Oscar saw the scary of Ellen and decided to never be late to work again because he likes happy Ellen a lot. Don’t we all? Besides that, Oscar is a very laid-back, funny, and kind classmate. I look forward to hanging out with him this semester! 🙂

If you like what you just read, then go ahead and give him a follow! Here is his lovely wesbite —> https://oscolorblind.wordpress.com/ 🙂

Also, he is the one who posted this hilarious snapchat! Teehee, look at her go!


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