Wk3 – Art Experience – Snapchat

The first two snaps belong to me:



The following two snaps belong to my classmates:



I believe the Snapchat “dialogues” I shared with the both of my Art110 classmates had some of the qualities of these famous conversations. In Matisse and Picasso, it’s said that there was a competition between the two as if there was “an ongoing game of chess between two masters.” I’m going to interpret that as if there was a battle between the two best modern art artists of the early 1900’s. Now, in my case, it seemed as if my classmates and I were trying to not make the best modern art pieces, but rather create the funniest snaps. With the funny captions and emojis used, we all attempted to see who could make our viewers laugh the most with our reinvented snaps. We also tried to find humor out of these serious, beautiful pieces. For example, I believe that the last photo with the hooker on the dancing pole hit a home run. I think that it’s pretty funny how my classmate gave that piece a little twist. In addition, I believe that our snaps can relate to “I Send You this Cadmium Red” because all of our snapchats are one of the components of what the accompany book had. It says that the book contained “notes, small books, and drawings” and the snaps were definitely personalized and drawings of our own (especially the hooker one.) Anyways, in the end, I surely enjoyed this assignment. I liked the fact that we could use a simple app like Snapchat to alter art pieces and make them what we want them to be.


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