To be honest, it didn’t even take me a minute to think of a death scene to create. I knew a drug overdose is what I had in mind and I’ll let you know why.

First off, it’s a weekly tradition that my boyfriend and I go out to raves/clubs. Obviously we go for the music and the overall experience, but many people go for the drinks, hookups, and drugs. When we go out, were inevitably exposed to different crowds of people and have no idea what to expect what the night has in store for us. For example, every now and then, I see girls snorting cocaine off of their cellphones, hands, the restroom sink, the table, or even their thighs (if they’re sitting down.) In addition, I typically see people taking or selling pills such as Ecstacy or Xanax – but obviously secretly.

What always goes through my mind is: “I really wonder if these people only take drugs in this party-environment or if they do it at home as well.” I’ve met a few people who often take the prescription-drug Xanax on their free time, because they claim it calms their nerves down. I find that crazy, because although it’s made for medical use, some people see it as a party drug. I personally don’t care if someone, excluding my loved ones, take a certain drug or not, because that’s their own life style and choices. But, I just hope that they don’t abuse the drug to a point that it will cause their death.

Anyways, I really enjoyed creating this scene because it was really fun to scatter my parents’ prescription medications around and pretending Johnson’s baby powder was cocaine. I found the first shot a little difficult because my boyfriend (the photographer) kept on saying “Dani, you need to turn your head more. I know it hurts, but beauty is pain!” I was just thinking “Oh my god, my neck is going to snap.” But overall, I really enjoyed getting into character of a drug addict. My character is someone I’m not in real life, so I felt like I was really someone else. My character was confused, hopeless, and doubtful. While I tend to look at life the other way. Overall, this art experience was sick!


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